Are you feeling isolated and overwhelmed?

I get it.

I really get it.

I live with ADHD every day. Your struggle is real, and I can help.

Life with ADHD can feel pretty frustrating, but you don’t have to do it alone. Together we can figure out how to use your strengths so things doesn’t feel so hard. Working with me will help you take control of your life and live with more balance. We can create a  plan and stick to your plan while addressing your ADHD related challenges.

Experiencing success is really important and I believe in you.

I have ADHD, so I understand the challenges, frustration and the embarrassment.

Before I knew I had ADHD, I felt overwhelmed all the time. I knew I needed to get it together, but had no idea how to go about doing that.

I’ve been where you are.

I’ve lost my car in the grocery store parking lot, forgotten appointments, struggled with time management and started a million projects that I never finished.  Coaching can help…

Let’s get you achieving your true potential.

Or are you still not convinced coaching can help. Think about it…

Do you feel stuck?

Are daily tasks like time management a real challenge?

Do you feel guilty or ashamed when you don’t get things done?

Are you frustrated all the time?

You can do this and I can help!

There’s power in partnership! Here’s what my clients are saying:

Coaching is exactly what I needed to achieve my goals. Rhiannon helped me see my way through to what I wanted to accomplish. I’ve really improved my skills and been able to figure out solutions to manage my ADHD. ADHD coaching has been 100% transformational for me!”

– Elizabeth G.

Coach Rhiannon is TOP NOTCH. It is SO refreshing to finally work with someone who properly understands ADHD and it’s impact both positive and negative on life.

I am absolutely making progress and finding more success…Don’t know how long it took her to amass such a huge arsenal of resources and strategies, but they have been life-savers! So worthwhile to do a batch of sessions with her! Can’t say enough good! “

– Rachel N.

Before coaching I didn’t have strategies or know how to plan and set goals to prepare for the future. I would self-sabotage. Coaching helped me with my confidence and my ability to take on new goals and get things done. Also, with being able to recognize things that are a struggle for me and finding my strengths…I’m a little more compassionate and forgiving of myself now.”

– Jennifer L.

Coaching has helped me to become more accepting of my diagnosis and to move forward in finding methods and ways of life that work better for me… I wanted a better understanding of ADHD and guidance through some of the problems and difficulties I have encountered. It’s very nice to have someone who understands ADHD and is able to help guide me and understands that things don’t always work the way we think they should. ”

– Ashley B.

Schedule your 30-minute Complimentary Call with Rhiannon to see if ADHD Coaching is right for you.

Take the first step, starting is alway the hardest part!

The Complimentary Call  is confidential. Ask me questions about the ADHD Coaching Services I provide.

Empower You ADHD Coaching Services is committed to supporting, connecting and empowering people impacted by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Let’s connect!

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Let’s be real. There is no magic quick fix when treating ADHD. It takes energy, effort and focus to achieve the kind of results you want. But, we can work towards this together. I’m here to support you. You are in the driver’s seat! As such, we do not make any guarantees about your success.

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