How Coaching Works

The best tools and strategies are the ones that use your strengths. Together we will look at how the symptoms of ADHD impact you in your daily life and address these challenges.  Are you ready to make a change? During our first appointments,  we will work together to develop your goals and areas you would like to work on. We will create a plan, with specific action steps to support you in achieving your goals.

Coaching sessions can be conducted in person, online, or by phone depending on your preference.

Coaching Provides Structure

We know that many people with ADHD find structure difficult. Coaching provides a clear track to help keep you moving forward toward your goals. Coaching provides structure through weekly sessions that will help you stick to the plan and work through the challenges associated with change.  Accountability part of the coaching structure. It is one of the most effective and strategic tools to support you in taking new action.

Successful Skill Building

Together we will explore personalized tools, strategies and structures.  We will develop creative solutions and build skills that align with your needs. You know more than you think!

Knowledge is Power 

It is important to understand what Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is and common issues. Knowledge is power, and the first step in addressing your ADHD related challenges is understanding your ADHD brain. Evidence based information will be explored to help support your unique goals, challenges and interests.

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